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Creating cities that are cohesive, connected, and accessible for all.

Since a child, I have had a passion for roads and urban / city planning. As a child, I would spend hours just drawing roads in big pads how I envisioned them to be. Fast forward 20+ years, I still have that passion but it has evolved to envisioning thriving urban environments. Below you will find some of my ideas. Take a look and leave a comment. Opinions and insights are my own and are not representative of my employer or any organization.

  1. Triangle Transit Plan
  2. New Bern Connector
  3. Reimagining Wendell Falls Pkwy
  4. Trails over Rails and the Artery
  5. Wendell Falls Trail System
  6. Wendell Development Map
  7. Connecting Downtown Raleigh Part 3
  8. Raleigh Central Prison Plan
  9. I-40 RTP
  10. Connecting Downtown Raleigh Part Four – North
  11. Wendell Falls Safe Streets
  12. Durham Freeway Removal
  13. Durham Freeway Removal**
  14. North Hills Plan
  15. Raleigh Underused Space Plan
  16. Knightdale Downtown North
  17. Raleigh’s Money Shot
  18. Opinion: Wendell’s 2030 Plan
  19. Opinion: Things Wendell must get right
  20. Raleigh Cycle Audit 1
  21. Reconnecting Communities: Charlotte
  22. Camden Rd People Centered Design
  23. MARTA Fantasy Map
  24. Reconnecting Communities: East Atlanta Boulevard
  25. East Atlanta Blvd **Urbanize Atlanta
  26. Northgate Mall Vision
  27. Making the Case for Car Free Weekends in Glenwood South
  28. Reconnecting Communities: West Atlanta Interim Plan
  29. City of Raleigh Quickly Implementing Approved Traffic Changes
  30. Reconnecting Communities: Langford Pkwy
  31. HOUSING | Cities Need Housing for All*
  32. Reconnecting Communities: Nashville

*Southern Urbanism Quarterly article

**Article featured on other site

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