Transforming Camden Rd into a People Centered Space

The South End of Charlotte continues to boom with development and has become one of the go-to destinations in the Southeast. From the Rail-Trail, adaptive reuse developments, luxury apartments and more there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Camden Road parallels the CATS Blue Line from Tryon Street to Tremont Road. It’s a two lane corridor with standard sidewalks and becomes chocked with vehicular traffic during evenings and weekends.

Closing Camden Road to vehicular traffic and reclaiming the space for an enhanced Rail Trail and public plazas would go a long way. While there are a few access driveways to some of the developments, all of them have their primary access points on the side roads. Explore the interactive GoogleMap here.

Google MyMaps

Between Tryon Street and Park Ave will be transformed into a public plaza featuring outdoor gathering spaces, seating and more.

South of Park Ave, Camden Ave will become the signature section of the Rail Trail. This section of Camden Ave is lined with shops and restaurants who would enjoy trail frontage with increased outdoor seating and visibility similar to the Atlanta Beltline.

It’s time to prioritize places for people instead of just vehicles. Camden Rd is the perfect place to start.

Opinions and insights are my own and are not representative of my employer or any organization.

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