Why I’m Bullish on South Downtown’s Future – and Downtown Atlanta in General

The much forgotten part of town is finally starting to show signs of life. For years, all of Atlanta’s development energy has been in Midtown, and along the Beltline. From mega projects like Centennial Yards, to adaptive reuse efforts from Newport, to seemingly small – yet important projects like the Downtown Resurfacing program,(which more importantlyContinue reading “Why I’m Bullish on South Downtown’s Future – and Downtown Atlanta in General”

Sights From a Car Free Day in Atlanta

Who said you need a car to have a great day in Atlanta? While Atlanta is extremely car-centric by big city standards I recently had the pleasure of exploring Atlanta for a full day without a car. The end result: 36,000 steps, 16 miles walked, 10 scooter miles, and multiple MARTA trips. The day startedContinue reading “Sights From a Car Free Day in Atlanta”

January 2023 Wendell Falls Construction Updates

The tunnel path is actually happening! Elsewhere, I still hope we can get other bike / ped improvements to enhance the safety for all in the neighborhood. https://philveasley.com/2022/01/26/wendell-falls-bike-lanes-and-street-calming/. Treelight Square Dining District Don Beto’s, Falls Local, and Parkside are busy working on their interior build outs. Things are looking great- swing on by and take aContinue reading “January 2023 Wendell Falls Construction Updates”

The most Ridiculous Intersections around Raleigh

Raleigh was recently ranked the best place for driving which is a honor that actually carries a bunch of negatives. Mainly, it means that it’s extremely difficult and not safe to function outside of the car. Here’s a look at some of the most ridiculous intersections in the area based on sheer size, land use,Continue reading “The most Ridiculous Intersections around Raleigh”

Why don’t we talk about St Pete more?

Tampa Bay’s secondary city has a lot to show for itself, with no plans of slowing down. When you glance at the skyline of St. Pete, the first thing you’ll notice is that nearly all of the towers are residential in nature contrary to the Bay’s primary city in Tampa who’s focus is more corporate.Continue reading “Why don’t we talk about St Pete more?”

Visualizing Raleigh’s Puny Grid Structure Compared to Other Cities

The city of Raleigh saw most of it’s growth after racist, suburban development trends had been entrenched in American’s planning trends. This led to an extremely small original grid structure when compared to other cities. Raleigh is referred to as “a giant suburb” by people for many reasons. The lack of true grid system outsideContinue reading “Visualizing Raleigh’s Puny Grid Structure Compared to Other Cities”

Reconnecting Communities: Untangling Nashville’s Freeway Mess

Nashville sits at the intersections of I-65, I-40, and I-24 making it one of the biggest freight corridors in the country. It also ranks as one of the of the biggest major freight bottleneck areas with greater than 65,000 annual truck hours of delay per mile. Existing Conditions Much of this has to do withContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: Untangling Nashville’s Freeway Mess”

Four-Plex Featuring Varied Unit Sizes

This four-plex features two duplex type units plus two ADU’s in the rear. 11/27 Updated Sketch: Same basic principles with updated stair placements in main two units to minimize wasted hall space. Unit One Unit one is 2300 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, an office, loft, 2 porches and a rooftop terrace. TheContinue reading “Four-Plex Featuring Varied Unit Sizes”

Reconnecting Communities: Langford Pkwy

My reconnecting communities series continues in Southwest Atlanta with Langford Pkwy. Catch up with the other reconnecting community plans I’ve examined to date: Durham Freeway, I-277 Charlotte, I-20 East Atlanta Full Build I-20 West Atlanta Interim Plan MARTA recently published plans to revitalize the Campbellton Road corridor in Southwest Atlanta. While plans initially called for Light RailContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: Langford Pkwy”

City of Raleigh Quickly Implementing Approved Traffic Changes

Recently, the City of Raleigh approved changes in the Downtown core to increase safety for all users. All streets within Downtown will have their speed limits reduced to 25 MPH, right turns on red will be restricted, and dual turn lanes will be eliminated. These changes will even take affect on the Downtown streets thatContinue reading “City of Raleigh Quickly Implementing Approved Traffic Changes”