Why don’t we talk about St Pete more?

Tampa Bay’s secondary city has a lot to show for itself, with no plans of slowing down. When you glance at the skyline of St. Pete, the first thing you’ll notice is that nearly all of the towers are residential in nature contrary to the Bay’s primary city in Tampa who’s focus is more corporate.Continue reading “Why don’t we talk about St Pete more?”

Transforming Camden Rd into a People Centered Space

The South End of Charlotte continues to boom with development and has become one of the go-to destinations in the Southeast. From the Rail-Trail, adaptive reuse developments, luxury apartments and more there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Camden Road parallels the CATS Blue Line from Tryon Street to Tremont Road. It’s a two lane corridorContinue reading “Transforming Camden Rd into a People Centered Space”

MARTA Fantasy Map

Everyone from Planners, Engineers, to everyday citizens with interests in Atlanta have probably made a MARTA fantasy map. Here I’ve tried to strike a balance between realistic and serving the needs of all potential users. To view the interactive GoogleMap click here. Keep reading for some light analysis on the plan. Building from the centerContinue reading “MARTA Fantasy Map”

Reconnecting Charlotte

Charlotte is one of my favorite cities to visit. From the immaculate skyline, booming South End District, sports teams, decent transit and bike infrastructure, and more – it’s the perfect weekend getaway and change of pace from Raleigh. The transportation makeup of Charlotte is similar to most mid / large sized cities. There’s I-77 travelingContinue reading “Reconnecting Charlotte”

Cycle Audit Part 1- Anderson Point Park to Downtown Raleigh

Back in May, the City of Raleigh had their annual Bike to Work Day. Unfortunately, I live a bit far out and do not have access to safe bike facilities. I was however able to drive about halfway to Anderson Point Park and bike in from there. Since then, I’ve gone on several other ridesContinue reading “Cycle Audit Part 1- Anderson Point Park to Downtown Raleigh”

Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb”

It’s no secret that the Town of Wendell is booming. It’s location just East of the City of Raleigh, lower housing costs than Raleigh and Cary, direct interstate access, good schools, great community and more have catapulted Wendell to being the fastest growing municipality in the area. Realizing this, the Town put together a 2030Continue reading “Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb””