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Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb”

It’s no secret that the Town of Wendell is booming. It’s location just East of the City of Raleigh, lower housing costs than Raleigh and Cary, direct interstate access, good schools, great community and more have catapulted Wendell to being the fastest growing municipality in the area. Realizing this, the Town put together a 2030Continue reading “Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb””

Breaking Down the Wendell Falls PUD

The 1200 acres that make up Wendell Falls have been on the Town’s docket since 2006. The initial developer unfortunately went bankrupt during the Great Recession and the land sat idle until NASH acquired the rights to the land and PUD (Planned Unit Development) in 2013. To view the full document visit https://nmcdn.io/e186d21f8c7946a19faed23c3da2f0da/3834b95a93b14b3689a528c1f97c5d69/files/files/Wendell_Falls/2015.11.09_Final_Merged_PUD_As_Approved_.pdf and theContinue reading “Breaking Down the Wendell Falls PUD”

July 2022

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  1. This is amazing… I hope you find the platform (or the platform finds you) to implement and watch it changes the lives of those around you. Your vision is awesome, keep going!

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