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Why I’m Bullish on South Downtown’s Future – and Downtown Atlanta in General

The much forgotten part of town is finally starting to show signs of life. For years, all of Atlanta’s development energy has been in Midtown, and along the Beltline. From mega projects like Centennial Yards, to adaptive reuse efforts from Newport, to seemingly small – yet important projects like the Downtown Resurfacing program,(which more importantly…

Sights From a Car Free Day in Atlanta

Who said you need a car to have a great day in Atlanta? While Atlanta is extremely car-centric by big city standards I recently had the pleasure of exploring Atlanta for a full day without a car. The end result: 36,000 steps, 16 miles walked, 10 scooter miles, and multiple MARTA trips. The day started…

March 2023

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is amazing… I hope you find the platform (or the platform finds you) to implement and watch it changes the lives of those around you. Your vision is awesome, keep going!

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  2. Hello!

    My name is Hannah Ma, and I’m a writer for the Daily Tar Heel. I am currently writing an article about the NC by Train service, and I would love to get a phone interview with you about NC’s general transportation system. Please let me know if you are at all available! My email is hhm@unc.edu and my number 234-380-3997.



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