MARTA Fantasy Map

Everyone from Planners, Engineers, to everyday citizens with interests in Atlanta have probably made a MARTA fantasy map. Here I’ve tried to strike a balance between realistic and serving the needs of all potential users. To view the interactive GoogleMap click here. Keep reading for some light analysis on the plan. Building from the centerContinue reading “MARTA Fantasy Map”

Reconnecting Charlotte

Charlotte is one of my favorite cities to visit. From the immaculate skyline, booming South End District, sports teams, decent transit and bike infrastructure, and more – it’s the perfect weekend getaway and change of pace from Raleigh. The transportation makeup of Charlotte is similar to most mid / large sized cities. There’s I-77 travelingContinue reading “Reconnecting Charlotte”

Cycle Audit Part 1- Anderson Point Park to Downtown Raleigh

Back in May, the City of Raleigh had their annual Bike to Work Day. Unfortunately, I live a bit far out and do not have access to safe bike facilities. I was however able to drive about halfway to Anderson Point Park and bike in from there. Since then, I’ve gone on several other ridesContinue reading “Cycle Audit Part 1- Anderson Point Park to Downtown Raleigh”

My Thoughts on Wendell’s 2030 Blueprint Plan

The Town of Wendell voted to approve their 2030 Blueprint Plan on April 25th, 2022. After a lengthy process and debate the plan passed without too much angst among the crowd in the room. Please check out the plan here: I spoke in support of the plan at that meeting, my remarks can beContinue reading “My Thoughts on Wendell’s 2030 Blueprint Plan”

Giving Raleigh’s “Money Shot” the Access it Deserves

You may be wondering why the cover image of this article is just a GoogleMaps snip when I’ve taken so many pictures of Raleigh. That’s because our “money shot” is only accessible by car when coming up a six-lane, 45 mph, sidewalkless stroad. There’s an easy fix to this though! The Rocky Branch Trail runsContinue reading “Giving Raleigh’s “Money Shot” the Access it Deserves”

Shift Knightdale Public Design Workshop Concept Plan

The Town of Knightdale is holding a workshop for ideas on the 80 acres of space adjacent to their Downtown. The land is currently under contract by a developer who plans to build a mixed-use development. However, the town is holding a public workshop to gather ideas from what the community would like to see.Continue reading “Shift Knightdale Public Design Workshop Concept Plan”

Raleigh Underused Space Plan

Like most major cities in the United States, the City of Raleigh is facing a housing crisis. The Raleigh metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, causing many home seekers further and further from the core. This accelerates urban sprawl which leads to increased traffic and a multitude of otherContinue reading “Raleigh Underused Space Plan”

Connecting Downtown Raleigh Bonus: North Hills Freeway Cap and Grid Plan

The North Hills area of Raleigh has been booming with development since the conversion of North Hills Mall into a lifestyle center in the early 2000s. As the North Hills area has grown and densified, the lack of greenspace and connectivity usually seen in urban environments continues to hold the area back. A combination ofContinue reading “Connecting Downtown Raleigh Bonus: North Hills Freeway Cap and Grid Plan”

Sketching the Durham Freeway Conversion Idea

With the East End Connector nearly complete in Durham, the idea of transforming the Durham Freeway through Downtown is a feasible one. While browsing local development news I came across an amazing three part series exploring the possibility in depth. Give the series a read at To further develop the idea, I conceptuallyContinue reading “Sketching the Durham Freeway Conversion Idea”

Wendell Falls Bike Lanes and Street Calming

The Wendell Falls community is expected to have more than 4000 residences and 2,000,000 square feet of commercial once completed. One of the major issues facing the neighborhood currently is the speed on some of the residential streets. I believe this is due to the vast width of some of the streets. Big Falls DriveContinue reading “Wendell Falls Bike Lanes and Street Calming”