Visualizing Raleigh’s Puny Grid Structure Compared to Other Cities

The city of Raleigh saw most of it’s growth after racist, suburban development trends had been entrenched in American’s planning trends. This led to an extremely small original grid structure when compared to other cities. Raleigh is referred to as “a giant suburb” by people for many reasons. The lack of true grid system outsideContinue reading “Visualizing Raleigh’s Puny Grid Structure Compared to Other Cities”

Reconnecting Communities: Untangling Nashville’s Freeway Mess

Nashville sits at the intersections of I-65, I-40, and I-24 making it one of the biggest freight corridors in the country. It also ranks as one of the of the biggest major freight bottleneck areas with greater than 65,000 annual truck hours of delay per mile. Existing Conditions Much of this has to do withContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: Untangling Nashville’s Freeway Mess”

Reconnecting Communities: Langford Pkwy

My reconnecting communities series continues in Southwest Atlanta with Langford Pkwy. Catch up with the other reconnecting community plans I’ve examined to date: Durham Freeway, I-277 Charlotte, I-20 East Atlanta Full Build I-20 West Atlanta Interim Plan MARTA recently published plans to revitalize the Campbellton Road corridor in Southwest Atlanta. While plans initially called for Light RailContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: Langford Pkwy”

City of Raleigh Quickly Implementing Approved Traffic Changes

Recently, the City of Raleigh approved changes in the Downtown core to increase safety for all users. All streets within Downtown will have their speed limits reduced to 25 MPH, right turns on red will be restricted, and dual turn lanes will be eliminated. These changes will even take affect on the Downtown streets thatContinue reading “City of Raleigh Quickly Implementing Approved Traffic Changes”

Reconnecting Communities: West Atlanta Interim Plan

My reconnecting communities series continues in West Atlanta with some relatively “quick” build projects to help bridge together neighborhoods severed by the construction of I-20. Catch up with the other reconnecting community plans I’ve examined to date: Durham Freeway, I-277 Charlotte, I-20 East Atlanta Full Build I-20 West of Downtown Atlanta snakes through historically BlackContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: West Atlanta Interim Plan”

Making the Case for Car Free Weekends in Glenwood South

Glenwood South is the nightlife hotspot for Raleigh. Every Friday and Saturday nights Glenwood Ave transforms into a gridlocked mess full of cars cruising and throngs of people on narrow sidewalks. This Google Typical Traffic map shows how congested the area gets on Saturday nights. Currently the setup of Glenwood contains two travel lanes withContinue reading “Making the Case for Car Free Weekends in Glenwood South”

Northgate Mall Vision

Northgate Mall in Durham shuttered in 2018. Since then plans have called for a new mixed use development. This past week Northwoods Investors shared their plan which included no residential elements. This was rightfully met with much disappointment to the many neighbors who were listening to the information session. The site sits roughly two milesContinue reading “Northgate Mall Vision”

Reconnecting Communities: East Atlanta Boulevard

Atlanta is embarking on a massive highway capping project called The Stitch. While it will be transformative in connecting Downtown Atlanta, there’s another area that should be considered for highway capping that would have far greater benefits on the everyday lives of residents along with providing dense, affordable housing options. Currently, I-20 slices through someContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: East Atlanta Boulevard”

MARTA Fantasy Map

Everyone from Planners, Engineers, to everyday citizens with interests in Atlanta have probably made a MARTA fantasy map. Here I’ve tried to strike a balance between realistic and serving the needs of all potential users. To view the interactive GoogleMap click here. Keep reading for some light analysis on the plan. Building from the centerContinue reading “MARTA Fantasy Map”

Reconnecting Charlotte

Charlotte is one of my favorite cities to visit. From the immaculate skyline, booming South End District, sports teams, decent transit and bike infrastructure, and more – it’s the perfect weekend getaway and change of pace from Raleigh. The transportation makeup of Charlotte is similar to most mid / large sized cities. There’s I-77 travelingContinue reading “Reconnecting Charlotte”