Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb”

It’s no secret that the Town of Wendell is booming. It’s location just East of the City of Raleigh, lower housing costs than Raleigh and Cary, direct interstate access, good schools, great community and more have catapulted Wendell to being the fastest growing municipality in the area. Realizing this, the Town put together a 2030Continue reading “Things Wendell Must Get Right to Avoid Becoming “Just Another Suburb””

Breaking Down the Wendell Falls PUD

The 1200 acres that make up Wendell Falls have been on the Town’s docket since 2006. The initial developer unfortunately went bankrupt during the Great Recession and the land sat idle until NASH acquired the rights to the land and PUD (Planned Unit Development) in 2013. To view the full document visit and theContinue reading “Breaking Down the Wendell Falls PUD”

June 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour

The Wendell Falls construction boom is still going strong! For the first time, I used my drone to stop by some of sites under construction. Treelight Square Dining District Work is wrapping up on the exterior of the last building group which we recently found out will be Parkside Restaurant. This will be their secondContinue reading “June 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour”

May 2022 Wendell Falls Construction Updates

It’s a busy time in Wendell Falls! Currently several phases of residential development are underway as well as several commercial components. For a refresher on what’s going where please visit: Treelight Square Phase 1 Exterior buildout is nearly complete and the landscaping has been installed. Latest word is that tenants should be open byContinue reading “May 2022 Wendell Falls Construction Updates”

My Thoughts on Wendell’s 2030 Blueprint Plan

The Town of Wendell voted to approve their 2030 Blueprint Plan on April 25th, 2022. After a lengthy process and debate the plan passed without too much angst among the crowd in the room. Please check out the plan here: I spoke in support of the plan at that meeting, my remarks can beContinue reading “My Thoughts on Wendell’s 2030 Blueprint Plan”

Giving Raleigh’s “Money Shot” the Access it Deserves

You may be wondering why the cover image of this article is just a GoogleMaps snip when I’ve taken so many pictures of Raleigh. That’s because our “money shot” is only accessible by car when coming up a six-lane, 45 mph, sidewalkless stroad. There’s an easy fix to this though! The Rocky Branch Trail runsContinue reading “Giving Raleigh’s “Money Shot” the Access it Deserves”

Shift Knightdale Public Design Workshop Concept Plan

The Town of Knightdale is holding a workshop for ideas on the 80 acres of space adjacent to their Downtown. The land is currently under contract by a developer who plans to build a mixed-use development. However, the town is holding a public workshop to gather ideas from what the community would like to see.Continue reading “Shift Knightdale Public Design Workshop Concept Plan”

Raleigh Underused Space Plan

Like most major cities in the United States, the City of Raleigh is facing a housing crisis. The Raleigh metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, causing many home seekers further and further from the core. This accelerates urban sprawl which leads to increased traffic and a multitude of otherContinue reading “Raleigh Underused Space Plan”

Connecting Downtown Raleigh Bonus: North Hills Freeway Cap and Grid Plan

The North Hills area of Raleigh has been booming with development since the conversion of North Hills Mall into a lifestyle center in the early 2000s. As the North Hills area has grown and densified, the lack of greenspace and connectivity usually seen in urban environments continues to hold the area back. A combination ofContinue reading “Connecting Downtown Raleigh Bonus: North Hills Freeway Cap and Grid Plan”

Feb 2022 Wendell Falls Construction Updates

Phase 9B Dozens of homes are under construction by Garman, Dickerson, and Mattamy. Capitol City Homes was recently acquired by Ashton Woods and Starlight Homes. It looks like they are continuing at least for now with the original Capitol City floor plans. Phase 9C Phase 9C electrical infrastructure is underway and Townhomes by Dan RyanContinue reading “Feb 2022 Wendell Falls Construction Updates”