August 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour

While home sales may be returning to a normal pace, the Wendell Falls construction boom is still going strong!

Treelight Square Dining District

Work is largely complete on the exteriors of the first group of buildings (Phase 1A). Crews have been busy working on the interior of the Smiling Turtle Dentistry and have finally started making progress on Don Beto’s and Falls Local.

Phase 1B continues it’s vertical build but we have not learned of any new tenants as of late. The latest site plan courtesy of CBRE follows.

Construction still hasn’t started on the Treelight Office Building so that Q4 2022 delivery date will likely be late 2023 at the earliest. We’ve not had any word on tenants for that building which is likely why they’ve not broken ground.

As for the Treelight Square outparcels, nothing new has been announced, but the lot on the corner of Taylor Rd and Wendell Falls Pkwy is under contract as well as the Senior Apartments lot adjacent to Publix.

Dental Care of Wendell Falls

Now open!

AFC Urgent Care

Work is wrapping up on the exterior. The selection of finishes and materials goes to show further proof that the architectural requirements of all businesses in Wendell Falls is far above standard.

Starbucks building and Bojangles

Framing and site work on the Starbucks plaza is moving along at a rapid pace. The building will contain a drive-thru Starbucks, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and a tenant to be annoucned.

Bojangles grading and site prep is nearing completion.


Wendy’s continues to progress and is nearly complete.

The Collective

Grading on the Lifestyle District is complete. Roadway infrastructure is being implemented now and we should see paving soon. Unfortunately it appears that there are no tenant agreements yet.

Per the developer, The Collective Lifestyle District will consist of a mixed-use district which could include apartments, large scale shopping, dining, and entertainment.

There’s also some plots of land that are not affiliated with Wendell Falls for sale adjacent to the Collective but are priced way above market value.

Adjacent to the Lifestyle District will be Wake Med. Still no word when work may begin.

Behind there will be the Collective Office District where grading is underway where paving should also take place soon.

And finally, Phase 10 have completed grading. The only thing before we see houses start is pavement. Phase 11 has started clearing. This will include roughly 500 residential lots as well as a new pool. It’s important to note that there will be no connection between Phase 9 and 10/11 so travel on Wendell Falls Pkwy will be necessary. My hope is that a trail along the sewer easement is at least constructed. There are also no plans at this time for any of the land between the two parts of Wendell Falls to be developed but one of the 24 acre plots just went under contract.

Even further out, toward and even past Knightdale-Eagle Rock Rd, will be another two future Residential phases and even perhaps some industrial on the NW side of Knightdale-Eagle Rock.

Neuse River Vet and Martin Pond Apartments / Outparcels

Nuese River Vet’s site should be going vertical soon.

The Richardson Apartment and Townhome section has been fully graded and infrastructure work is well underway.

The other three outparcels have been graded and one is under contract. I’m hoping for a Dairy Queen but we shall soon see.

Residential Phases
Work continues on scores of homes in Phases 9A, 9B, and 12.

Phases 8A and B recently received their final layer of pavement and an RRFB (first in Wendell I believe) was installed in front of Cardinal. Hopefully that is just the first of many pedestrian and bike accommodations to come. Again what stands out to me are the ridiculously wide travel lanes for a 25 mph residential street. Striping these roads to include bike / golf cart lanes would go a long way in keeping speeds down and enhancing safety. I explored that idea in depth late last year here.

Wendell Falls Bike Lanes and Street Calming

Elsewhere, still no movement on the tunnel path, a 4-way stop was installed at Big Falls Drive and Liberty Star.

As always be sure to check out for an up to date view of confirmed and rumored tenant locations.

Illustrative graphics courtesy of CBRE. Drone photography is for recreational purposes only. Views and insights are mine and not representative of my employer or any organization.

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