Giving Raleigh’s “Money Shot” the Access it Deserves

You may be wondering why the cover image of this article is just a GoogleMaps snip when I’ve taken so many pictures of Raleigh. That’s because our “money shot” is only accessible by car when coming up a six-lane, 45 mph, sidewalkless stroad.


There’s an easy fix to this though! The Rocky Branch Trail runs under Dawson / McDowell Streets right at the point of the best view.


By constructing a statement pedestrian bridge, the city could create a thriving destination that would instantly become a go-to place for photographers, visitors, or anyone who wants to take in Raleigh’s ever growing skyline.

It would also serve as a placemaking piece to further announce to travelers on McDowell Street that you have arrived Downtown and that we take walking and biking trails seriously.

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