My Thoughts on Wendell’s 2030 Blueprint Plan

The Town of Wendell voted to approve their 2030 Blueprint Plan on April 25th, 2022. After a lengthy process and debate the plan passed without too much angst among the crowd in the room. Please check out the plan here:

I spoke in support of the plan at that meeting, my remarks can be seen here: (66 minute mark)

I did not stick to my original script like I should have but my planned thoughts were as follows: “I wanted to give my insight on the plan. I moved here from Metro Atlanta last year and was excited about the prospect of how the community could learn from the mistakes of traditional suburban development. Currently, 93% of our residents leave town in a car alone to commute to work daily and that’s unacceptable. This plan strives to strike a balance that will protect a fair amount of greenspace while also transforming Wendell into a thriving place to live, work, play, and succeed. I find it funny when people look at this plan and see nothing but traffic. As someone who is in a related profession, I see the mix of density, mixed-use activity centers as a positive. Implementing this plan will help prevent us from becoming a car-chocked suburb like Metro Atlanta and like what some of our neighbors are on the path to become. Without the proper planning, we will just continue to see low to mid density residential subdivisions, with tons of traffic, and no high-paying jobs. Those jobs as well as services will not choose Wendell unless we have the residential density to support it. Currently, we have to leave town for basically everything, missing out on valuable tax revenue. With this plan, nearly every part of town will be within a quick walk, brief cycle or golf cart ride away and we can keep our dollars right here in Wendell. We are already set up much better than most places with our innovative golf cart program. This plan gives us the framework to become a great place whether you’ve lived here for 50 years or 1 year.”

If I had to change one thing about the plan it would be some of the concessions made density wise on the Lake Myra end along Poole Road. Densities have been lowered on what should be considered a gateway into town. The corner of Poole and Smithfield Roads is planned to be an activity center on all four sides by Knightdale, Wendell, and Raleigh. However next to all the density will be low density development within the Wendell limits. Unfortunately that will greatly reduce the number of residents who will be able to access the activity center by foot. It will also reduce the number of residents who will be able to access the Lake Myra County Park by foot as well.

It will be interesting to see how quickly property owners and developers allow Wendell to guide them into making this plan a reality. This plan is a great step in the right direction for the growing town.

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