Town of Wendell Development and Road Improvements

Development within the Town of Wendell is certainly a hot topic right now. There are a lot of misconceptions about the growth Wendell is experiencing and how Transportation officials plan to keep traffic moving. With that said, I decided to overlay the town’s development map with the NC CAMPO 2050 Draft road improvement plan. This allows us to see not only where development is planned but also the proposed road and infrastructure plans that are also in place all on the same map. *Disclaimer: All lines are shown as approximate. Nothing is official unless communicated by Town Staff.

Check out the video describing the plan here:

Click the link below to explore the interactive GoogleMap.

Town of Wendell Development and Road Improvements*

As you can see by exploring the link, there is a plan to create a comprehensive grid system within the Town of Wendell. There is also a plan to combat many of the problem areas that exist today.

Bookmark this link because I will continue to keep it up as projects present themselves as well as add more information about each project as I learn more.


Phil Veasley

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