Week Two Parade of Homes Review

Make sure to check out week one’s review if you missed that.

4300 Camelot Drive

This is what 5 million gets you directly on the corner of North Hills. The urbanist in me cringes that this prime of a lot isn’t more than one unit, but my goodness – what a house.

Location: 8 Exterior: 6 Finishes: 8 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 9

4329 Lambeth Drive

Continuing in North Hills, this house was slightly more modest but still had all the bells and whistles.

Location: 7 Exterior: 8 Finishes: N/A Floorplan: 7 Livability: 7

4208 Windsor Place

This house had a really nice setting with some existing trees remaining on the lot and really nice exterior finishes. What an amazing office as well – just missing some windows that actually open and direct porch access.

Location: 7 Exterior: 10 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 9 Livability: 8

7017 Rainwater Drive

Finally an upper porch! This country club home overlooks a golf course and featured some really nice finishes.

Location: 3 Exterior: 8 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 7 Livability: 7

10329 Grafton Road

Finally, the office doors I dream of. But location wise, all of the rest of the homes on this list are located outside of I-540 on acre + lots with no sidewalks or access to any services anywhere near them. The definition of sprawl.

Location: 1 Exterior: 7 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 9 Livability: 8

7204 Sing Along Court

This home felt a little underdone for the price but still offered some really great features. I just can’t get past these locations.

Location: 1 Exterior: 7 Finishes: 6 Floorplan: 7 Livability: 7

7220 Summer Tanger Trail

Wow! Not exactly my style but some really impressive finishes. Also the exterior is pretty unique compared ot most of the others.

Location: 1 Exterior: 9 Finishes: 8 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 7

15517 Possum Track

Really nice layout and features but I can’t imagine paying this much out this far to be on the main road.

Location: 1 Exterior: 7 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 8

11417 Royal Amber Way

Out of all the far out million dollar homes, this one was one of the only to feel like an actual family home. Really nice vent hood too.

Location: 1 Exterior: 8 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 8

Come back next week for my review of the homes visited in week 3!

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