Week One Parade of Homes Review

3029 Churchill Road

Located in West Raleigh’s wooded mansion areas this home features incredible finishes and a wonderful pool but the exterior and finishes weren’t my style. Other missed opportunities for me are lack of upper porch with the flat roofs and location. Despite being “in town” there are no sidewalks or things to walk to.

Location: 7 Exterior: 6 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 9 Livability: 7

3508 Leonard Road

This one will be in contention for show favorite for me. Very home feeling modern farmhouse with upscale but natural feeling finishes Big plus for the existing trees that remained in the front yard. Also located close to Whole Foods and numerous bike trails. Only thing that could make it better would be an upper porch – yes that will be a trend with my analysis.

Location: 9 Exterior: 10 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 9 Livability: 9

3340 Hampton Road

Modern industrial doors for the office were about all I could focus on! But that was countered with the lack of sliders off the living room to the outdoor area.

Location: 6 Exterior: 9 Finishes: 8 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 7

1190 Cottonsprings Drive

Homes by Dickerson latest addition to Wendell Falls is a beauty! Amazing job on the exterior of this. My big nitpick is the cabinets though. Other big plusses are the front and back porches and black finishes. Add in the surprising level of walkability that Wendell Falls offers, it’s enough to draw many out of the city.

Location: 7 Exterior: 10 Finishes: 8 Floorplan: 7 Livability: 7

473 Douglas Falls Drive

What a great family home by Garman. Great finishes and space for the price point within Wendell Falls. Probably my 3rd favorite floor plan Garman offers here in Wendell Falls behind the Beau and Castle in Brooklyn.

Location: 7 Exterior: 5 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 8

2101 Big Falls Drive

Garman’s first Wendell Falls townhomes did not disappoint finishes wise. The lack of openness between the kitchen and living, and lack of typical over driveway porch usually seen in these types of townhomes were major negatives. However for under 500k for 2500 sq ft, they may be the best bargain in Wendell Falls.

Location: 7 Exterior: 7 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 4 Livability: 6

1009 Destination Drive

If you can get past the location – way West Cary in Chatham County – this is a beautiful home.

Location: 2 Exterior: 6 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 7 Livability: 7

805 Journeys Rest Lane

This home would probably be 4+ million in town. What a gem. Some features I’d not previously seen in a home. Look at the lighting package, front and back sliders, bar island, floating beams, bedroom secret loft. This home had it all (except an upper porch!)

Location: 2 Exterior: 10 Finishes: 9 Floorplan: 9 Livability: 9

34 Edgefield Street

One day Chatham Park will contain 10,000 homes, millions of sq feet of commercial, office, trails, river access and more. But for now, it’s basically an island. There are some beautiful homes though – like this one from Garman.

Location: 3 Exterior: 7 Finishes: 7 Floorplan: 8 Livability: 8

Come back next week for my review of the homes visited in week 2!

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