Treelight Square Construction Update and Wendell Falls Development Insight

Here’s some progress shots and insight on Treelight Square. The first photo is phase 1 of the Treelight Square dining district which will have Don Betos, a taproom, nail spa, kids dentist and more.

Directly next to it will be a twin building with more small / locally owned restaurants and shops. There’s a total of 26 parcels (some business will take more than 1) which is a huge investment by the Treelight Square developer geared toward local business.

This is where the office building will stand. This is geared toward local small businesses that need office space such as real estate firms, lawyer offices etc. again another good investment toward the local good of the community.

This is where another building will stand. What you can see being built today is only 1/4th of what Treelight Square will be. The Treelight square development team has invested a great deal toward the future of our community and we should be proud because it’s not done like this many other places.

Now to the famous outparcels along the Parkway. It’s virtually unfeasible, unrealistic, and unfair to expect that these would be small / local business. These plots of land are selling close to $1,000,000 an acre. For instance the Wendy’s plot closed for right under a million. It’s just how real estate works. As we get more of these announced, I’d be willing to bet some “better” ones will come. Usually the higher end / healthier Options come once an area is more built up. We will get there soon! Also for the “it’s right there in Knightdale” argument. Have you ever tried to get any of the fast food places at 7pm? Everything in Knightdale is over saturated which is why the same things are being built here.

Bottom line: everything is coming, from fast food, to sit down, chain to local. Just watch what the next 2 years brings. Exciting times around here. For more information on sales or leasing in Wendell Falls visit

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