Breaking Down the Wendell Falls PUD

The 1200 acres that make up Wendell Falls have been on the Town’s docket since 2006. The initial developer unfortunately went bankrupt during the Great Recession and the land sat idle until NASH acquired the rights to the land and PUD (Planned Unit Development) in 2013. To view the full document visit and the 2018 update

A PUD in the eyes of Wendell is a singular development containing more than 200 acres.

Many times when new components of Wendell Falls are announced, particularly apartments and non-small business retail are announced there are complaints among residents who felt as though only single family housing and small businesses were in store. This is far from the case.

As stated in the PUD, Wendell falls is slated for up to:

  • 4000 total housing units
  • 2,000,000 square feet of commercial
  • Maximum density of 3.43 units per acre
  • Minimum open space of 273 acres
  • Maximum 1200 apartments and 750 townhomes – Updated in 2018 from 1400 townhomes / apartments combined

It is important to note that the density and open space figures account for the project in total and some some areas will be denser than others. Even more importantly is that all the Apartment complexes and non-local business were always planned to be just as big a part of Wendell Falls as the Single Family homes. None of the main components of the PUD have changed since it’s inception.

There are five major zoning components of Wendell Falls including:

Regional Mixed Use

Near the interstate, known now as the Collective which will be a major mixed use node featuring large scale stores, restaurants, Wake Med, and an office Park.

Neighborhood Mixed Use

The Treelight Square area featuring Publix and our local dining area.


Just one component of Wendell Falls is the Single Family Housing / Townhomes. While the 2018 update separated the Townhomes and Apartment values, townhomes are for sale while apartments are for rent and the townhomes are within the residential sections. This was a wise move by the town to add a bit more flexibility in the housing diversity.

Old Value: 1400 Townhomes and Apartments

New Value: 1200 Apartments 750 Townhomes

Here is a list of full 2018 changes


The area around the Farmhouse and the future amenity area of Phase 10.


The areas adjacent to The Collective are to follow business needs and trends of Eastern Wake County. Page 36

For the most part, the Zone map has been followed with the exception of the exclusion of the Neighborhood Business area at the intersection of Daniel Ridge and Wendell Falls Pkwy. The Neighborhood Business area in what is now being dubbed Phase 10 has also been altered somewhat.

For a full matrix of specific allowable uses in each zone please view pages 5 thru 8 of the PUD.

The document goes on to pour through the nitty-gritty of road widths, lot layouts etc. However, the bottom line remains that Wendell Falls is and has always been planned to be a major mixed-use district of Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Apartments, Small Business, and major business. Wendell Falls is also meant to serve as an economic driver of the entire Eastern Wake community by spurring additional mixed-use, commercial, residential, and cultural developments within the surrounding area. In other words, expect a lot of the surrounding land to end up developed as well as the area transforms to a thriving hub of live-work-play lifestyle.

While the PUD is not something that is set in stone, the close following of it so far should be noted. Also the leasing success of Treelight Square should bode well for the future commercial components.

For more information on what’s coming to the Wendell Falls, ideas to make Wendell Falls a better place, information about Wendell and more please visit and

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