June 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour

The Wendell Falls construction boom is still going strong! For the first time, I used my drone to stop by some of sites under construction.

Treelight Square Dining District

Work is wrapping up on the exterior of the last building group which we recently found out will be Parkside Restaurant. This will be their second location with the first being in Downtown Raleigh.

Interior work has started on The Smiling Turtle Dentist and we should see interior work on Don Beto’s and Falls Local soon.

The parking lot was recently paved and striped and the exterior lights now function at night.

Phase 1B continues it’s vertical build and we know a few more tenants courtesy of CBRE. https://www.cbre.com/resources/fileassets/US-SMPL-64740/c1e18b12/847be4ff-67a3-46d6-81b1-31c1fdc4ebb0.pdf. Romeo’s Pizza will join Envy Nail Spa in Phase 1B as well as a handful of other tenants to be announced soon.


Construction should be start soon on the Treelight Office Building.

Other than the Senior Apartments next to Publix, there have been no announcements on tenants for the other area outparcels.

Heartland Dental

Interior work looks to be wrapping up and we should see a grand opening date soon.

AFC Urgent Care

Framing is complete and exterior finishes will be applied soon.

Starbucks and Bojangles

Grading looks to be complete. Next step will be footers and utilities before we start to see vertical construction.

Dirt has begun to move and this week we should see some grading activities.


Footers have been dug and utilities are going in. The slab may be poured within the next few days and vertical construction will follow shortly.

The Collective

Grading on the Lifestyle District is complete. Roadway infrastructure is being implemented now. It is still unclear if a developer has agreed to actually build anything here as of yet but if the leasing activity of Treelight Square is any hint, we should have great interest on this land.

Per the developer, The Collective Lifestyle District will consist of a mixed-use district which could include apartments, large scale shopping, dining, and entertainment. https://www.wendellfalls.com/whats-happening/blog/posts-by-date/2022/march/whats-new-at-wendell-falls/.

Adjacent to the Lifestyle District will be Wake Med.

Behind there will be the Collective Office District where grading is underway.

And finally, Phases 10 and 11 are undergoing grading and roadway infrastructure. This will include roughly 500 residential lots as well as a new pool. It’s important to note that there will be no connection between Phase 9 and 10/11 so travel on Wendell Falls Pkwy will be necessary. There are also no plans at this time for any of the land between the two parts of Wendell Falls to be developed.

Even further out, toward and even past Knightdale-Eagle Rock Rd, will be another two future Residential phases. and even perhaps some industrial on the NW side of Knightdale-Eagle Rock.

Neuse River Vet and Martin Pond Apartments / Outparcels

Nuese River Vet’s site is undergoing grading.

The Richardson Apartment and Townhome community on has been graded and we should see actual construction soon. Tenants have not been announced for the other three outparcels.

Residential Phases
Work continues on scores of homes in Phases 9A, 9B, and 12.

Here’s a few other images of the neighborhood as well as a peek of Downtown Raleigh from just above the tree line.

As always be sure to check out https://philveasley.com/wendell/wendellfalls/ for an up to date view of confirmed and rumored tenant locations.

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