Feb 2022 Wendell Falls Construction Updates

Phase 9B

Dozens of homes are under construction by Garman, Dickerson, and Mattamy. Capitol City Homes was recently acquired by Ashton Woods and Starlight Homes. It looks like they are continuing at least for now with the original Capitol City floor plans.

Phase 9C

Phase 9C electrical infrastructure is underway and Townhomes by Dan Ryan Builders have broken ground.

Cardinal Charter Middle School

Crews are busy at work on the Middle School building which is set to open in August.

Treelight Square

Phase 1 of the Dining District is approaching it’s exterior build out and G&G Builders have started applying the finishes to the exterior. The type and colorway of the materials is definitely high quality.

Phase 2 and the office building is now leasing according to CRBE and hopefully construction starts soon.

Heartland Dental is just about complete on the outside and work on the inside will start soon.

The Urgent Care facility broke ground this week.

Bojangles and the Starbucks buildings have had construction documents submitted to the town and those are under review as of 2/8. Construction could start soon.

It also looks like the 3rd of 4 buildings at Brea has been completed.

Phase 12

Dozens of homes and townhomes are underway by Garman, Dickerson, and our new builder McNeil Burbank. Also new model homes by Garman are open.


Wendy’s purchased the lot next to Cruizers last month and has already submitted preliminary plans to the Town.

Richardson Tract

Clearing is still underway for a large apartment and townhome phase at the corner of Wendell Falls Pkwy and Martin Pond Road. This is also where the vet will be expanding it’s facility.


Dozens of homes by David Weekly are under construction.


Clearing is complete for the Lifestyle District – which will be a larger scale shopping and dining area. Clearing is underway for Phases 10 and 11 further back on Wendell Valley Blvd as well as the office district. They are looking for a large scale corporate HQ to locate there. There is also some additional apartment and commercial space proposed.

We should be hearing more about the Wake Med plans sometime soon as well.

To keep up with everything coming to Wendell Falls be sure to backtrack to PhilVeasley.com/WendellFalls

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