September 2022 Wendell Development Updates

As Wendell continues to grow and thrive, it appears that we may finally be on the cusp on of attracting larger scale mixed-use developments instead of just subdivisions. Here’s a rundown of some of the big things we have to look forward to.

Click here for an interactive look at all things coming – and proposed – to Wendell, overlaid with the Street Plan. *Disclaimer: All lines are shown as approximate. Nothing is official unless communicated by Town Staff.

Click here for the office Town development map.

Wendell Commerce Center


CBRE has released marketing material for Wendell Commerce Center which will be a massive mixed use district across from Wake Tech (I-87 / US 64 BUS Interchange). At build out, the district could comprise of over 100 acres of housing, retail, industrial / life science spaces. The district will seamlessly connect the Wendell Falls Collective district to the Wake Tech area creating a new connected node adjacent to I-87.

The space was dubbed as “Innovation District” in the Wendell Blueprint 2030 Plan that was released earlier this year. The conceptual rendering below shows a welcoming mixed use district.

Wendell Blueprint 2030

Unfortunately, the marketing material from CBRE only shows a grocery anchored strip center as of now but even that is purely conceptual. We must aim extremely high for this very important district and ensure it turns out close to – or even better than envisioned in the Blueprint Plan.
If this district plays out right, it could be our own slice of “RTP East”!


Ammons Acres PUD

To date, Wendell Falls is the only PUD (Planned Unit Development) in Wendell. Ammons Acres will be the second.
Located on 500 acres North of Downtown Wendell and just to the South of NC 97, Ammons Acres could bring 1000-2000 new homes to this part of town. Let’s hope there are commercial components, trails, parks, and schools to ensure a sustainable future for this development. While no concrete plans are in place yet, we should be learning more soon with the Town set to investigate the proposal in the coming weeks.


Martin Pond Road

Preliminary plans have been released for a 500 home subdivision along Martin Pond Road adjacent to Phase 11 of Wendell Falls. This would also bring a new connection point from Wendell Valley Blvd / WF Phase 10/11 to Martin Pond Road.


The plans call for a mix of Single Family and Townhomes along with trails and park spaces.

Wendell Falls Updates

I’ll go into more detail with my Wendell Falls specific update in the coming week.

-Plans for a McDonald’s on the Publix outparcel have been released

-TBJ picked up the plans for the Senior apartments adjacent to Publix

-Wendy’s has opened

-Marketing for the much anticipated Collective District has begun!

As always – be sure to keep up with all things Wendell Falls here.

Wendell Village Apartments

Wendell Village has sat idle for a few years but it appears that is finally set to change. The Town Board will consider a case for a new apartment development on this key lot.

I personally would have liked to see more mixed-use on this key parcel, but adding 400 homes within walking distance of grocery and even Downtown is a win!

Lake Myra Scaleback

To put it lightly, I’m extremely disappointed with this one. A development that is within walking distance of an Elementary School, future 200 acre park, greenway, and future mixed use district at the corner of Poole Road and Smithfield Road has been scaled back from over 300 homes of varied lot size to just 115 estate homes.

We should be aiming for increased density on parcels this close to services, not less. I understand that this area was part of the “compromise” during negotiations for the 2030 plan. As I wrote then – “Perhaps the worst thing Wendell could do is caving to the anti-density crowd. If we do that, we will end up with a bunch of low-mid density residential sprawl where everyone sits in traffic daily to go to work, go shop and more. While they may present compelling cases, they are usually built on fear of change more than anything. Unfortunately they are usually the vocal minority and can inflict a great deal of pressure on town officials. Wendell only gets one chance to build itself toward a sustainable, livable future where people from all walks of life can live, work, play, and thrive.”

Recently Approved and Under Construction Developments

Edwards – 263 homes

Lake Glad – 127 homes

1320 Wendell Falls Pkwy – 200 Townhomes should be breaking ground soon. Plans for the 2nd Phase containing mixed-use could be released this year

1032 Wendell Falls Pkwy – 103 Homes

Jake May Subdivision – 90 Homes

Payton Place – 39 Homes

Belle Grove – 205 Homes

Whitehall – 16 Townhomes

Laure – 81 Townhomes

Cayden Cove – 222 Homes

Eagle Rise – 172 Homes undergoing site prep

Hollybrook – 400 Homes underway

Groves at Deerfield V – 58 Homes undergoing site prep

Harpers Glen – 458 Homes undergoing site prep

4th Street Townhomes – 9 Townhomes undergoing site prep

McKenzie Meadows – 320 Homes undergoing site prep

Watson – 89 Homes undergoing site prep

New Town Hall – Framing complete, opening next Spring

The Parc at Wendell – 75 Townhomes undergoing site prep

Eagle Rise – 172 Homes undergoing site prep

Anderson Farm – 307 Homes undergoing site prep

Harmony Landing – 202 Homes undergoing site prep

The Glennon – 575 unit Mixed-Use undergoing site prep

Wake Tech – Site Work and vertical build underway

Pending Action

Martin Pond Road – 519 Units

Mashburn Manor – 404 Units

Carvers Village

Wendell Ridge

Richardson Farm – 530 Units

Seley Farm

Click here for an interactive look at all things coming – and proposed – to Wendell, overlaid with the Street Plan. Click here for the office Town development map.

For more information on what’s coming to the Wendell Falls, ideas to make Wendell Falls a better place, information about Wendell and more please visit and

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