Making the Case for Car Free Weekends in Glenwood South

Glenwood South is the nightlife hotspot for Raleigh. Every Friday and Saturday nights Glenwood Ave transforms into a gridlocked mess full of cars cruising and throngs of people on narrow sidewalks. This Google Typical Traffic map shows how congested the area gets on Saturday nights. Currently the setup of Glenwood contains two travel lanes withContinue reading “Making the Case for Car Free Weekends in Glenwood South”

September 2022 Wendell Development Updates

As Wendell continues to grow and thrive, it appears that we may finally be on the cusp on of attracting larger scale mixed-use developments instead of just subdivisions. Here’s a rundown of some of the big things we have to look forward to. Click here for an interactive look at all things coming – andContinue reading “September 2022 Wendell Development Updates”