Northgate Mall Vision

Northgate Mall in Durham shuttered in 2018. Since then plans have called for a new mixed use development. This past week Northwoods Investors shared their plan which included no residential elements. This was rightfully met with much disappointment to the many neighbors who were listening to the information session. The site sits roughly two milesContinue reading “Northgate Mall Vision”

Reconnecting Communities: East Atlanta Boulevard

Atlanta is embarking on a massive highway capping project called The Stitch. While it will be transformative in connecting Downtown Atlanta, there’s another area that should be considered for highway capping that would have far greater benefits on the everyday lives of residents along with providing dense, affordable housing options. Currently, I-20 slices through someContinue reading “Reconnecting Communities: East Atlanta Boulevard”

August 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour

While home sales may be returning to a normal pace, the Wendell Falls construction boom is still going strong! Treelight Square Dining District Work is largely complete on the exteriors of the first group of buildings (Phase 1A). Crews have been busy working on the interior of the Smiling Turtle Dentistry and have finally startedContinue reading “August 2022 Wendell Falls Drone Construction Tour”

Transforming Camden Rd into a People Centered Space

The South End of Charlotte continues to boom with development and has become one of the go-to destinations in the Southeast. From the Rail-Trail, adaptive reuse developments, luxury apartments and more there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Camden Road parallels the CATS Blue Line from Tryon Street to Tremont Road. It’s a two lane corridorContinue reading “Transforming Camden Rd into a People Centered Space”