Building out the Wendell Falls Trails System

The Wendell Falls Trail System currently contains nearly 10 miles of paved and unpaved trails. As the community continues to grow, the trail system should as well. Explore the interactive Google Map below to see how I would propose building out the trail system to include the newly built phases of Wendell Falls. MyContinue reading “Building out the Wendell Falls Trails System”

Connecting Downtown Raleigh Part Two – Trails Over Rails, RUS Park, and The Artery

Part one of this series explored the lack of access approaching Downtown Raleigh from the East. This time, I took a look at what would happen if we capped our below grade railroad tracks and created over 25 acres of greenspace and trails. Downtown Raleigh, like any other Downtown, has no shortage of railroad tracks.Continue reading “Connecting Downtown Raleigh Part Two – Trails Over Rails, RUS Park, and The Artery”

Reimagining Wendell Falls Parkway

The town of Wendell, along with the entire Triangle is experiencing major growth that shows no signs of stopping. Wendell Falls Pkwy is a road that was constructed to help facilitate that growth. When the Wendell Falls development got off the ground, Wendell Falls Pkwy was constructed as a four-lane divided facility with a sidewalkContinue reading “Reimagining Wendell Falls Parkway”